Granite Tales – Myths, Urban Legends, and Fabrications (On the Other Sort)

The next bits of commercial granite folklore are taken directly from shopper comments and issues, items circulating on the web, and discussions with many hundreds of house owners who graced me while using the opportunity to services their business granite. Just for enjoyment, I am going to offer you a small background on just about every, in which they arrived from, and just how they acquired started. Just in case you haven’t heard some in advance of, you will be organized once they ultimately make their way ’round for you!

You should notice I take advantage of the expression “Rockies Granite” through this article. This is due to we have been referring to stones that happen to be bought commercially as granite, as an alternative to the (very) narrow subset of stones that fulfill the scientific definition.

one.) My Contractor / Granite Salesperson / Online Expert (Decide Your favorite Perpetrator) Explained My Granite Will not Demand Sealing – Individuals of you that have read my earlier function are possibly unwell of me harping on this, but I (sadly) hear this one more often than all many others. It is the most harmful of all of the granite upkeep malpractices you may commit in the event you depend on this unsound tips.

Curiously, you will find a handful of World-wide-web “experts” who semi-endorse this fallacy (but will sell you their impregnator if you Definitely, Really insist on having just one, and theirs lasts Endlessly… Hilarious!). One even goes so far regarding point out which the physical qualities of granite dictate it never ever needs to be sealed (funny, they also have a “lifetime” sealer available for sale two paragraphs afterwards).

I had been in lately in L. a., checking out a assets manager who experienced stains in somewhere around 1/3 of the 305 professional granite counters they lately installed of their recently renovated luxurious residences. I would like I could have introduced the naysayers with me so that they could persuade the distraught routine maintenance people that individuals oil and wine stains were being only figments in their imagination…

From the contractor perspective, back again in the terrible previous times, impregnators were mainly depending on silicone derivatives. While excellent from water, they were (and therefore are) very poor performers in opposition to oil-based stains. Additionally, should they had been over-applied, the impregnator residues to the surface on the stone would also take in oil. Double whammy. This is the logic: If it truly is a supplied that oil stains tend to be the worst to remove, and if the impregnator will not halt them anyway, why hassle? That was from the late ’80s – this is certainly 2007, and we’ve got technology which will prevent oil staining dead in its tracks. Like all misinformation, it’s a bit root in fact, and it dies slowly but surely.

The net people have unique motivations. Either they are:

A: looking to sell you granite slabs by disavowing any faults business granite has, or

B: using reverse psychology sales strategies (improperly, I might incorporate) to promote you their impregnator.

2.) My Neighbor Instructed Me My Granite Is just not Safe and sound Because it Harbors and Grows Substantial Amounts of Microbes – This just one is still circulating although it has been proven untrue various situations by both of those government and marketplace corporations. Remember to allow me the chance to set the history straight on this a single, after and for all – it is actually complete rubbish. In truth, properly maintained commercial granite surfaces are a few on the most sanitary you should purchase. Like all other meals prep surfaces, industrial granite need to be thoroughly cleaned.